Waqt Ke saath Hum badal gye hai..

और वक़्त के साथ ‘हम’ बदल गए है

पहले के टाइम मैं, ‘I am fine’ कहकर अपने दिल की बात छुपा लेती थी, आज ‘sab badiya hai’ कह देती हूं!! पहले रात का चांद नसीब होता था, और अब ना चाँद है, ना ही सवेरा!! पहले मैं अपने दिल की बात कह दिया करती थी, और अब दिल में कोई हलचल नही होती!! Read More

Think about yourself

Tu duniya ki chinta chhordh de

​तू दुनिया की चिंता छोड़ छोड़ दे तू, बस नीचे गिरता जाएगा तू दुनिया की चिंता छोड़ दे अपने लक्ष्य से डग मगा जायगा तू दुनिया की चिंता छोड़ ये सबसे दुखी है तू तो इंसान है ये तो भगवान से भी दुखी है तू दुनिया की चिंता छोड़ अपना समय बर्बाद ना कर कुछ Read More

Hindi motivational poem on life

Zindagi maine chakha hai tujhko

Kabhi chashni si bhi meethi, Kabhi karele se bhi kadwi.. Kabhi janurary ki thand hai, Kabhi june ki garmi hai.. Kabhi maa ka laadh hai, Kabhi papa kaa dulaar hai.. Kabhi duniyaa ki maar hai, Kabhi apno kaa pyar hai… Zindagi maine chakha hai tujhko… Kabhi ek bholi muskaan hai, Kabhi gum chupaati hasi hai… Read More

Wo Baat wo Mulaqat !

Wo Baat Wo Mulaqat

aaj ek baat ho gyi tujhse jo meri mulaqat ho gyi samay kahaan gyaa, ptaa hi na chalaa wo baat ek pal ki thi naa jaane kitne varsho ki mulaqat ho gyi bite lamho mai naa jaane kahaa gye wo pal wo mulaqat wo shan wo tumara gali se guzarna wo tumhara ashista ashista chalna Read More

Best Laptop under Budget for Students

11+ Best laptop under budget for students 2019

In this modern era, for students laptop is essential just like mobiles or books. For any work, any project or presentation students need a laptop for the effective and saving their vast study material. If you’re a student of college or school or you’re in any university this is a long term investment and I Read More

lenovo Ego

Lenovo Ego Digital Smartwatch

HIGHLIGHTS Of Lenovo Ego Smartwatch Lenovo Ego Smartwatch has a 1.6-inch monochrome display. This watch will pairs with a phone via Lenovo Life app. It also comes with a remote camera feature. It cost up to 1999 Rs only in India. It is compatible with iOS and Android phones. Lenovo has launched its Digital fitness Read More


11+ Best Blogging Tools For Beginners 2019

If you are planning to start a blog on the WordPress platform then there are 100s of blogging tools are there to help you, to make you do well with your blog. Blogging is now not just a blog where you will share your thoughts with the world but is now much more. It is Read More

Vivo Y17 - Launched In India`

Vivo Y17 has launched in India – Specifications, Price

HIGHLIGHTS of Vivo Y17 Available In Indian Market Vivo Y17 price in India 17,990 INR 4 GB RAM with 128 GB Storage 20-megapixel selfie, 13 MP camera Mineral Blue and Mystic Purple color options  Vivo Y17 is part of Vivo series ‘Y’ and has already hit the Indian Market. Image credit: https://www.vivo.com/in/products/y17 The Vivo Y17 has Read More

Jab tum milloge

Jab tum milloge

Jab tum milloge Toh Bahut si baatein karni hai Bahut si yaadein taza krni hai Bahut se sapne sanjone hai Bahut si khayal hai mann mai Bahut si ichhaa hai Jab tum milloge Toh Sab mukammal krna hai Sab sachhaa karna hai Sab adhure sapne pure krne hai Sab adhuri raatein puri krni hai Sab Read More

Pyar ke saath zindagi ki asaan raahen

Pyar ke saath zindagi ki asaan raahen

Bite kuch dino ki jo unkahin baatein hai jo unkahe sawal hai Un sab ka jawab ho aap Un sab ka samadhan ho aap Aap ho saath mere toh sb aasaan hai Aap ho saath mere toh har mushil choti hai Aap ho saath mere toh dard kam hai Aap ho saath mere toh zindagi Read More

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